Stan Lee Memoir – Quick Update

I know, I know, I am REALLY behind in posting this.. but here’s a quite update of the normal version of the latest Stan Lee memoir.

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Story Style! – a sneak peak of what’s to come (new online store)

story style picture

Here’s a sneak peak at my new online store… opening soon!

story style    What’s in the name? Well most of my items will have a ‘story’ focus/inspiration – whether its from a book I’ve read, TV show or movie I’ve seen, or even from a RPG! -because geeks don’t discriminate. There will be everything from golden snitch inspired wine charms to wolf earrings, to princess bookmarks.

story style

There will be special occasion items for Christmas and other major celebrations times through the year. 

It’s really just a hobby to me and place I can sell some of my creations, so then I can make some money to satisfy my ever growing need to buy more bits and pieces to make crafty things. Also I think at last count I had over 20 bookmarks… Yet I only use one! 

Most of my stuff is made using beads. I’ll have bookmarks, wine charms and jewellery for sale. I’m also considering selling coasters in the future. 

story style 3