Still Alive + HOBBITON!

the green dragon gvc

So I haven’t had a chance to post anything for a few weeks. Excuse #1 – I went on holiday! (You have to spoil yourself every now and then).  Excuse #2 – I’ve been ill (sad face). However, as I’m now feeling a bit better I thought I’d quickly share with you some photos I took at Hobbiton in New Zealand (yes, this is the actually place where they shot scenes from LOTR and The Hobbit!! Cool hey?).

 So where is this wonderful place?

It’s located in New Zealand’s north Island, in a place called Matamata. You can easily do a day trip up there from Auckland if you’re driving yourself, or go on a tour bus.

Was it really that good?

Yes, and nhobbit hole gvco. The scenery around Hobbiton is superb (as is much of the scenery in NZ). It was easy to see why they choose that location to shoot the LOTR scenes there. However, once there you can’t go looking around by yourself. To get into the actual ‘Hobbiton’  area you need to go on one of their Hobbiton tour buses, and stay with a tour guide. This is what lets the trip down. Don’t get me wrong, the tour guide was nice and knew a lot of LOTR and what happened on the set, but the there were just waayyyy too many people on the tour and the next tour bus is only a few mins behind you, so you have to move around quickly. This meant there were long waits to take a photo (you can bring your own camera! yay!), and you were moved around quite quickly and didn’t really have enough time to take in everything around you. As the tour guide kept moving ahead and you’re waiting to take a photo it also means you miss most of what he says (unless you’re that luck person who’s always right up the front) – and he actually had some interesting stuff to say! Unfortunately we missed out on everything that was said after about the first 5 minutes.

On the plus side, the hobbit holes were cool, and there’s even one you can stand in the door way of which is cool, however, none are actually furnished inside which would have been REALLY cool. Also there were HEAPS of hobbit holes! Much more than I was expecting. The place itself however didn’t look particularly neat at a distance, but the individual hobbit holes were well done, and the view over the lake is very beautiful. So, you walk along the track past many of these hobbit holes, past the ‘party scene’ area and over the bridge  before coming to The Green Dragon. Now this place was cool because it actually operates as a pub (kinda). You’re able to purchase drinks and some food. However it is only accessible to people who go on the tour. But you do get a free drink when you get there! (Unfortunate though if you don’t like beer, but still, a nice surprise). You get a little bit of time there before jumping back onto the bus and heading back to the main area where there’s a cafe (which surprising closes before all the tours have finished..) and gift shop (which doesn’t have as much too it as I though it would). But overall worth a look to see where Frodo and Bilbo grew up!

Hopefully I have satisfied your geek fix for now and fingers crossed I’ll be up to make more geeky crafts soon!

hobbiton signno admittence sign gvcGollum GVC



For my first crafy post I thought I’d share with you all these bookmarks I made. They’re simple to make and look great! My favourite is probably the mermaid in the middle.

And yes, yes that is the Evenstar from Lord of the Rings on the right.

Why the Evenstar? Because what else would you want to use to keep your page when reading LOTR??


How to create these?

All you need is a hook bookmark, beads and some string/wire or headpin and of course some creative thinking!

Evenstar Bookmark