Marvel Dubsmash War 2015


artwork by @hanyak_nim

If you’re a Marvel fan and have social media then you would have noticed that Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), James D’Arcy (Jarvis), Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) and Chloe Bennett (Skye) were posting clips of themselves singing along to various songs during the 2015 Comic Con.

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New Marvel TV Series = Excitement Overload!

When I woke up this morning I was expecting it to be a pretty lousy day.. That was until I saw this..

It seems marvel will be coming out with a new TV series!! Wait.. it gets better… It’s to be called Agent Carter – for those of you who haven’t already made the connection, the show is to centre around Agent Peggy Carter (Captain America’s love interest from this first movie). Oh how I wanted her and Cap. to get together! Never mind..

However as Peggy Carter is one of my personal favourite characters I am thrilled to see she is getting her own gig! it’s also nice to see a Marvel woman take on the lead role (although admittedly, I thought if this was going to happen Black Widow would be first).

Furthermore (yes it still gets better!).. the series is apparently set to air whilst Agents of SHIELD take its break in January! This is important, and very responsible of Marvel as it means people like me will hopefully not go into withdrawals again due to the lack of Marvel viewings on television. Also, could this possibly mean that there will be some kind of Marvel show on all year round?… I’m hoping for a yes!

My only disappointment is that the reason I’ve heard about  this is because Dominic Cooper will reprise his role of Howard Stark (the paternal genetics of Iron Man) in the series. Don’t get me wrong, this is great!! And whenever there’s a Stark around, it’s sure to make for an interesting show..Must be something in the name..  But I think just the fact that Peggy has her own show is big enough news in its own! Although posting from Australia.. we can be a little behind the US so maybe this is just old news to everyone..

Either way, I really think that Marvel have hit the nail on the head with this one. They’re giving us more of Peggy, a strong, successfully, independent, kick-ass woman (the kind we like to see) combined with (hopefully) more info on the origins of SHIELD, something to watch in the downtime of Agents of SHIELD, as well as other wonderful characters such as Howard Stark who is bound to stir things up a bit and make it even more fun and interesting to watch.

So, hopefully this show is good!!! (currently trying not to set my expectations TOOOOO high in case I’m disappointed). Although it should be amazing as Marvel has never failed to disappoint before. I’m not one to get excited about my birthday, but considering it’s coming out around the same time, I’m actually looking forward to it next year! Couldn’t think of a better present to myself than to watch Peggy in her own show! (Second to maybe staring at Captain America topless..)