New Aussie Bookstore!



I think some of my reader friends will be interested in this one..

I’m excited for the opening tomorrow of the new Australian book/gift store The Story Pack. On their Instagrm they’ve already released some photos of their ‘Mini Packs’ which will be available, and I must say I have my eye on one!

charles dickens.jpg

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Getting back into things

So… it’s obvious I’ve neglected my poor blog for a while 😦 but not to worry! I’m starting to get back into all my crafty things! I’m hoping to soon open up an online store in the near future to sell some of my creations. It will contain mostly bookmarks and other beaded bits and pieces like jewellery and wine charms as it seems I now have waaaayyy to many for me to ever be able to use them all!! I’m also in the process of making some treasure map coasters which I’ll hopefully be finished and ready to show you all soon. Oh, and there’s a birthday coming up so you’ll no doubt get a post about some geeky themed cake! Hoping to have some more DIY’s up soon.

Take care!


Zombie Walk

A couple hours in the life of a zombie!

I thought I’d share with you my experience from this weekend’s Zombie Walk in the little old city of Adelaide. For those of you who have never witnessed a zombie walk before, it’s basically a time where people dress up as zombies and together walk down a couple of streets – its more exciting as it sounds. The Adelaide Zombie Walk has been going for a few years now and has over 10,000 people attending each year! Maybe Adelaide’s not so little after all…

But it was a lot of fun AND it was free to participate – all you had to do was show up! Being a first time zombie (I heard about it a few years ago and have been wanting to go but never got around to it) I didn’t go super crazy on the zombie make up. But I will DEFINITELY be dressing up more next year! I actually wasn’t expecting as many people to get into it as they did! Seriously some of those costumes were AMAZING, not to mention slightly disturbing.

My favourite would definitely have to be this one girl who was dresses in a while hospital patient outfit with all the zombie makeup and dragging behind her a white ripped and blood stained teddy bear. It was brilliant! And actually quite creepy as we was doing the slow slouched walk and everything.

My second favourite was the zombie crazy cat lady – yes she had stuck toy cats to her body. Crazy cat ladies will always have a special spot in my heart.

However, the main theme this year seemed to be zombie brides – everywhere I looked there was one! And some of them looked like they were in proper expensive wedding dresses too… I guessing the wedding didn’t go to well?.. either way, it is good to get more than one wear out of things!

For myself, I just bought a cheap dress and belt from the local op shop and found and old jacket and ripped some holes in them and used some makeup to make my skin look pale and dirty/bruised as well as roughing up my hair a bit. When I got there I then went to the blood splatter tent (next year I’ll buy some fake blood and put it on myself).

What was really impressive though was that there wasn’t just the walk. Starting a few hours before hand there was like a little fair with food and drink stalls, merchandise stalls, stalls to get your make up done, and even a blood splatter tent (the only part of the night that I was actually kind of disappointed about as I was expecting something more than a little one man half tent thing and a guy with watered down food colouring or cordial maybe? and a water gun). There was also a DJ before the walk and live bands playing after the walk (they may have also played before hand, I wasn’t really playing attention). They also partnered with a charity to help raise money for them – it’s good to see that zombies aren’t all bad.

Unfortunately 80% of the time the camera on my phone takes rubbish, blurry photos and this was one of those times L so I don’t have any photos of own to show you, however if you want to find out more info on the zombie walk (and check out the pics!) you can check out their website

I think they now have a few zombie walks around the world now so if blood, flesh and dressing like the undead are what your into, then find one to go to! (or start your own)

Pokeball Xmas Tree Decoration

Pokeball Xmas Tree Decoration

My latest creation is a rather small and simple one (and again I apologise for reminding people that Christmas is all too soon again on its way – and a secondary apology as it won’t be my last Christmas themed project for the year…) 

pokeball final


Styrofoam ball

Red & white paint

Black marker

Paint brushes/water/newspaper so as not to get paint everwhere..



Craft glue


Milk bottle lid


Draw the middle circle part of the pokeball on your Styrofoam ball.

pokeball step 1


Paint the top red half of your ball. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will draw a line around the middle of the ball later. However, make sure not to go too much into the white bit as it’s hard to paint white over colour. I think I did two layers of red paint, waiting for it to dry in between coasts.

TIP: I rested the ball in the lid of a milk bottle to hold it still whilst it was drying.

pokeball step 2


Paint the bottom half of the ball in white. The balls come white anyway, but I thought it gave it a smoother and nicer effect when painted. When dry repeat.

TIP: when washing out paint brushes put a bit of soap or dishwashing liquid in your hand and swirl the brush around in that – it’s really good at helping to get more of the paint out.


Using the black marker, draw around the centre of the ball and around the circle in the middle again.

pokeball step 4


Cut a piece of ribbon about 15cm long. Fold it over itself at the ends and put the pin through it. Put a bit of craft glue on the end of the pin then push in to the top of the ball.

Now you have a pokeball decoration for your Christmas tree!

I plan on making more with glitter and other colours and hanging then on my geeky Christmas tree

New Marvel TV Series = Excitement Overload!

When I woke up this morning I was expecting it to be a pretty lousy day.. That was until I saw this..

It seems marvel will be coming out with a new TV series!! Wait.. it gets better… It’s to be called Agent Carter – for those of you who haven’t already made the connection, the show is to centre around Agent Peggy Carter (Captain America’s love interest from this first movie). Oh how I wanted her and Cap. to get together! Never mind..

However as Peggy Carter is one of my personal favourite characters I am thrilled to see she is getting her own gig! it’s also nice to see a Marvel woman take on the lead role (although admittedly, I thought if this was going to happen Black Widow would be first).

Furthermore (yes it still gets better!).. the series is apparently set to air whilst Agents of SHIELD take its break in January! This is important, and very responsible of Marvel as it means people like me will hopefully not go into withdrawals again due to the lack of Marvel viewings on television. Also, could this possibly mean that there will be some kind of Marvel show on all year round?… I’m hoping for a yes!

My only disappointment is that the reason I’ve heard about  this is because Dominic Cooper will reprise his role of Howard Stark (the paternal genetics of Iron Man) in the series. Don’t get me wrong, this is great!! And whenever there’s a Stark around, it’s sure to make for an interesting show..Must be something in the name..  But I think just the fact that Peggy has her own show is big enough news in its own! Although posting from Australia.. we can be a little behind the US so maybe this is just old news to everyone..

Either way, I really think that Marvel have hit the nail on the head with this one. They’re giving us more of Peggy, a strong, successfully, independent, kick-ass woman (the kind we like to see) combined with (hopefully) more info on the origins of SHIELD, something to watch in the downtime of Agents of SHIELD, as well as other wonderful characters such as Howard Stark who is bound to stir things up a bit and make it even more fun and interesting to watch.

So, hopefully this show is good!!! (currently trying not to set my expectations TOOOOO high in case I’m disappointed). Although it should be amazing as Marvel has never failed to disappoint before. I’m not one to get excited about my birthday, but considering it’s coming out around the same time, I’m actually looking forward to it next year! Couldn’t think of a better present to myself than to watch Peggy in her own show! (Second to maybe staring at Captain America topless..)