DIY Star Wars Shoes

Star Wars ShoesWith the release of the new Star Wars movie only just over six weeks away I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to wear. Although I won’t be dressing up in full costume, I’m thinking some Star Wars themed accessories and bits and pieces can’t go astray.

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Pokeball Xmas Tree Decoration

Pokeball Xmas Tree Decoration

My latest creation is a rather small and simple one (and again I apologise for reminding people that Christmas is all too soon again on its way – and a secondary apology as it won’t be my last Christmas themed project for the year…) 

pokeball final


Styrofoam ball

Red & white paint

Black marker

Paint brushes/water/newspaper so as not to get paint everwhere..



Craft glue


Milk bottle lid


Draw the middle circle part of the pokeball on your Styrofoam ball.

pokeball step 1


Paint the top red half of your ball. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you will draw a line around the middle of the ball later. However, make sure not to go too much into the white bit as it’s hard to paint white over colour. I think I did two layers of red paint, waiting for it to dry in between coasts.

TIP: I rested the ball in the lid of a milk bottle to hold it still whilst it was drying.

pokeball step 2


Paint the bottom half of the ball in white. The balls come white anyway, but I thought it gave it a smoother and nicer effect when painted. When dry repeat.

TIP: when washing out paint brushes put a bit of soap or dishwashing liquid in your hand and swirl the brush around in that – it’s really good at helping to get more of the paint out.


Using the black marker, draw around the centre of the ball and around the circle in the middle again.

pokeball step 4


Cut a piece of ribbon about 15cm long. Fold it over itself at the ends and put the pin through it. Put a bit of craft glue on the end of the pin then push in to the top of the ball.

Now you have a pokeball decoration for your Christmas tree!

I plan on making more with glitter and other colours and hanging then on my geeky Christmas tree

D12 Light!

D12 Light/Lamp


WARNING: May attract fire breathing dragons ready to battle.

I’m very, very, VERY excited to present to you all the D12 light/lamp. This is a really simple design with looks great! Seriously, when it’s sitting on my bedside table at night and I walk in my room, it just magical. The photos really don’t do it justice. I’m so happy with the way this turned out (if can you haven’t already noticed 😛 ) and I think it would have to be one of my favourite creations thus far.

So, how’d the idea come about? Let’s take a step back. I first saw a silver homemade D20 here that then got me thinking I could make little D20, D12 & D6 Christmas decorations. Then I thought I want it to light up! So came the D12 lamp… of course always thinking of ways to make my creations bigger and better – I would be very happy if I could make it spin.. but one thing at a time..



Large piece of silver cardboard (I got mine form Spotlight)

Scissors and/or craft cutting knife

Sticky tape (both normal and double sided)


Light (I got mine from IKEA – it one where you push the top down to turn it on and off)

Computer/printer/ruler – optional



STEP 1 – first you need a basic outline of a D12. From here you can either trace the D12 sides onto the cardboard (what I did) or use a ruler to draw them on. Feel free to print out and use mine (pdf attached below). Also make sure your light will fit with the pentagon.

d12 outline

 pentagon and numbers exact

STEP 2 – trace/draw onto the back of the cardboard the sides and the numbers. Remember when tracing on the numbers to do it backwards so they end up the right way round when its al put together. I traced it on pentagon by pentagon according to my layout plan. A couple didn’t fit though so I had to do them separately. (TIP: write a number on the original pentagon so you always know which direction it should be in)

step 2

STEP 3 – cut it out. Remember to leave tabs for when each side joins together (you only need one tab between two sides). If your finding it difficult to work out while sides to put the table on (sorry I  didn’t write it down) then just give one to all sides, then cut them off as you don’t need them. You actually only need 11 sides as the twelfth side will remain open (this is how you access the light). I decided to do away with side ‘9’ because it was on an end, so easy to do away with and the less numbers with circles in them I had to cut out the better! (see below). You can keep the twelfth side and use a ‘flat’ to access the light if you wish.

STEP 4 – use the craft knife to cut out the numbers. I don’t really like using these (mostly because I’m not very good at using them!) but I figured it would give a nice finish than trying to stuff scissors into it. You are going to need a fair amount of patience for this – its takes a while and is easy to make a mistake (is worth the patience though!).step 3

STEP 5 – fold down all the edges so they all have a crease line.

STEP 6 – stick it all together! At first I did try using glue as I thought that would give it at stronger hold, but that just got too messy so I quickly swopped to the double sided tape instead. You want to put some double sided tape on the tab, then stick it down on the inside of the adjoining side. I then put a piece of normal tape over it to give it a good hold.

step 6

STEP 7 – turn your light on and stick it over it or put the light in it and have the top open – it your choice. Now marvel in how cool it looks!

step 7

Alternatively if you wanted to add a bit of extra colour/effect to it you could always cover the letters with tissue paper or cellophane (I suggest red).

If you don’t have or don’t want to use a light or cut out the numbers, you could always invest in some glow in the dark paint or reflective stickers…

Deck the halls… with Pokeballs! Christmas Cards

pokemon xmas card final

Yes, it’s that time of year again… The time when the shops start preparing for Christmas ALREADY and people who work in retail start preparing themselves for ‘the nutty’ season.

So, although I’m not quite ready for Christmas yet (didn’t we just have it a few months ago??) I’ve decided to try and approach it with a positive outlook and get into the Christmas spirit (slowly), with the help of some Christmas themed crafts.

Today’s (well yesterday’s) creation is a Pokemon themed Christmas card! (Turns out Christmas can be fun!) 🙂

It’s pretty simple to make, and you can have lots of fun coming up with different layouts. Here’s one that I designed.


  • Paper – green, red, white and black
  • Card (or can use card/scrapbooking paper and make your own) + you probably want an envelope
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors or paper cutter (if you have a circle cutter that would make it look so much better!)
  • Pen
  • Some circular things to trace (if you’re not using a circle paper cutter)

 pokemon xmas card materials


Get your card and add a background if you wish.

pokemon xmas card step 1


Find something circular to trace around and then cut it out – this is the black layer and should be the largest – you will need three (I just used the lid of a hair spray can).


Then you want to find something that’s a little bit smaller to trace around (I used a shot glass) and trace and cut out two white and two red circles. You will only need two for each of these as you will cut them in half. After cutting them in half you will want to cut a little bit more off of them (so theres the black gap in the middle).

pokemon xmas card step 3


Find two things even smaller to cut around (I used the top of the gluestick). These will be the black and white middle circles. Cut them out.


Arrange your pokeballs so you’re happy with sizes, how they look etc. then glue them all together.

pokemon xmas card step 4


Draw some holly and cut it out.

step 6


Arrange the holly and pokeballs on your card. When you’re happy with the layout glue them on!
And that’s it! All done! (TIP: remember to check (before gluing) that you’re gluing them down the right way on the card, so it opens the right way. I may have gotten a bit over excited and forgot to check and now the way you’re meant to hold it, it kind opens forward towards the holder… Still not really sure how I managed to get that so wrong and not check it… Of course, if you’re a bit ditzy like myself, you can always just the other half of the card off and turn it in to a postcard!)

pokemon xmas card step 7


D&D Drinking Game!

D&D the party version? Have friends that aren’t as into Dungeons and Dragons as you? Or just want to change things up a bit and have some fun? Either way, making up your own fun games can be a great way to bring people together. 


So for this one, I don’t really have a list of materials or instructions – although you will need a D20. It really is whatever you make it – although I do have some suggestion/ideas to help you on your way.

I wasn’t as ‘crafty’ for this one – I did it all on computer and made it booklet style (using mostly publisher, but also with a little help from photoshop and pixlr – see pdf at end of post) – but I still think it looks good and in an easy way to share.

PAGE 2          PAGE 3

So, basically what you need to do first is to come up with a ‘theme’ (for this one I choose alcohol, however you can use chocolate, or lollies, or truth/dares or anything else you like. (I will be posting a chocolate version and a version to use while you’re actually in battle soon!)). Then you need 20 things to do (for each side of your D20). You can think of your own or feel free to use mine.

Then you get creative and do the instructions up. It could be on computer and then printed, done with scrapbooking paper (I think doing it up on rolled up, medieval looking parchment paper would look cool). Or feel free to just use mine. Also, get creative with the ‘cure for hangover’ cards (eg. make up little bottle figures).

If you want to get really creative, you could also make a game board to play around.


Decide on what game to play the true gamer way – roll a dice!

Gaming dice with a twist!

dice 2

Ever get stuck wondering what game to play? You spend 10 minutes trying to remember where each one is, how much time you have to play, what kind of intensity you’re up for today and what’s already plugged in.  Then after all that hard thinking you need a snack and afterwards spend another 10 minutes finally making a decision. Well, why not skip all that and leave it to fate! These dice have a different picture on each side, each representing a game. So, when you’re not sure what to play, just roll it and whatever it lands on, play that!



–          Dice or wooden block (I was going to use dice, but then found a pack of about 70 wooden blocks at craft store for only a couple dollars!) (TIP: so the pictures are easy to see, use bigger dice)

–          Glue (I used aquadhere on the wooden block, however craft glue might be better on plastic dice)

–          Printer & paper or pictures

–          Scissors

–          Ruler


Step 1 – Decide on the theme of your dice (for this one I have done a mix of computer, Nintendo 64 and wii games).

Step 2 – Measure the dice.

Step 3 – Design the picture. I did this in publisher. I started by setting out my base square size. A made it a few mm smaller than the dice so it would have a border.


Step 4 – Insert pictures (click on the box, then ‘format’ under ‘drawing tools’, then ‘shape fill’ then ‘picture’ (this will ensure the pictures stay the correct size))


Step 5 – Print

Step 6 – Cut out and glue on (I glued the top side as well to give it some extra protection).

dice 1

Step 7 – Wait for the glue to dry and then you’re all done!


(Tip: to protect the picture and make them last longer, put a layer or two of sealer on top)


These are so versatile, you can do heaps with them! Ideas for other versions to make include – which book to read, what to cook (could divide it by Italian/Indian etc. or type of dessert..), movie to watch, board game, card game, D&D character to play etc…  You get the picture.

Here’s a craft one I made (options are scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, cooking, painting & beading).

dice 4 dice 3

Toilet Door Hanger


Do you have one of those annoying toilet doors that doesn’t have a lock? Not to worry! Here are some instructions on how to make a VERY SIMPLE vacant/in use toilet door sign!

(This may be in bad taste, but I did it, I went there and now it’s done I can’t take it back..)

finished finished back



–          Computer & printer

–          Glue stick

–          Scissors

–          Paper

–          Cardboard


STEP 1 – Decide on a picture/s – You can use any images you like, I chose a GOT theme because honestly, I couldn’t resist.  (I edited them a bit before using them including adding in the ‘vacant’ and ‘in use’ text).

STEP 2 – Get an outline of a door hanger – they come in many styles. I took the easy/lazy way and just found a picture online. Alternatively you can draw your own.


STEP 3 – Make sure the pictures are the right size for the hanger. I put them into publisher (word and powerpoint will also work the same way), made the background of the door hanger transparent and then put the door hanger on top of the picture and resized accordingly.  Make sure to flip the image of the hanger so you don’t end up with two pictures for the same side.

Picture2  Picture3

STEP 4 – Print! When everything is the size you want just print it out! (If possible use a good quality printer – mine is rubbish! And it shows).

STEP 5 – Cut around one side of the hanger (TIP: leaving a gap around the edge will make it easier to cut – and mean you’re only cutting the shape once for this side instead of twice!). Now glued it onto the cardboard (I just used an empty CoCo Pops box).

progress 1

STEP 6 – Cut it out!

STEP 7 – Cut out the other side and glue it on (TIP: if you’re worried about edges not looking very nice you can always paint them, and deliberately leave a border, then it doesn’t matter if the images aren’t cut exactly to size).


STEP 8 – Hang it on the toilet door!


Alternative options

– Print onto photo paper or use scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, paint a design on etc.

– Use a wooden hanger (should be available at craft stores)

– If you’re worried about seeing the outline of the hanger on the picture, then you can always set the pictures to the right size, print them, then print an outline of the hanger separately and trace it on to the back of the pictures.

– Laminate or cover in clear plastic – this will make it last must longer.


~ After I’d made this I told my roommate I had made them a gift – their response “should I be worried?” well… maybe a little. Their response when I showed it “oh lord.. but thank you, I was thinking of buying a door sign” ~


For my first crafy post I thought I’d share with you all these bookmarks I made. They’re simple to make and look great! My favourite is probably the mermaid in the middle.

And yes, yes that is the Evenstar from Lord of the Rings on the right.

Why the Evenstar? Because what else would you want to use to keep your page when reading LOTR??


How to create these?

All you need is a hook bookmark, beads and some string/wire or headpin and of course some creative thinking!

Evenstar Bookmark