A bit about me: I love reading, crafts, marvel, games and my (although sometimes over demanding) cat.

On this blog you will find an array of crafty ideas to inspire you to get to get out the aquadhere and scissors and get stuck into some geeky crafts! You’ll also find book and film reviews as well as other bits and pieces I find interesting.

Being a lover of Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, cats, anything fantasy related and all other things geeky. This is where the inspiration for most of my projects comes from. I’ll post some of my own ideas with instructions as well as other cool and interesting stuff I find along the way.

Feel free to comment on my posts – I love feedback! However, any comments with inappropriate, threatening or bad language will be removed.


Important info:Β feel free to share content from my blog on your site, but please acknowledge where it has come from make sure to provide a link back to my blog. Please do not say my ideas are your own. Also if one of my ideas has inspired you to make your own version of something (which is totally awesome!!), whether it is the same of one of mine or similar where my blog provided the inspiration, please also acknowledge where the inspiration came from by providing a link back to my blog, page or post. My DIY’s are not to be used by others for commercial use.


Other ways to follow and keep up to date:

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Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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