D&D Drinking Game!

D&D the party version? Have friends that aren’t as into Dungeons and Dragons as you? Or just want to change things up a bit and have some fun? Either way, making up your own fun games can be a great way to bring people together. 


So for this one, I don’t really have a list of materials or instructions – although you will need a D20. It really is whatever you make it – although I do have some suggestion/ideas to help you on your way.

I wasn’t as ‘crafty’ for this one – I did it all on computer and made it booklet style (using mostly publisher, but also with a little help from photoshop and pixlr – see pdf at end of post) – but I still think it looks good and in an easy way to share.

PAGE 2          PAGE 3

So, basically what you need to do first is to come up with a ‘theme’ (for this one I choose alcohol, however you can use chocolate, or lollies, or truth/dares or anything else you like. (I will be posting a chocolate version and a version to use while you’re actually in battle soon!)). Then you need 20 things to do (for each side of your D20). You can think of your own or feel free to use mine.

Then you get creative and do the instructions up. It could be on computer and then printed, done with scrapbooking paper (I think doing it up on rolled up, medieval looking parchment paper would look cool). Or feel free to just use mine. Also, get creative with the ‘cure for hangover’ cards (eg. make up little bottle figures).

If you want to get really creative, you could also make a game board to play around.



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