Toilet Door Hanger


Do you have one of those annoying toilet doors that doesn’t have a lock? Not to worry! Here are some instructions on how to make a VERY SIMPLE vacant/in use toilet door sign!

(This may be in bad taste, but I did it, I went there and now it’s done I can’t take it back..)

finished finished back



–          Computer & printer

–          Glue stick

–          Scissors

–          Paper

–          Cardboard


STEP 1 – Decide on a picture/s – You can use any images you like, I chose a GOT theme because honestly, I couldn’t resist.  (I edited them a bit before using them including adding in the ‘vacant’ and ‘in use’ text).

STEP 2 – Get an outline of a door hanger – they come in many styles. I took the easy/lazy way and just found a picture online. Alternatively you can draw your own.


STEP 3 – Make sure the pictures are the right size for the hanger. I put them into publisher (word and powerpoint will also work the same way), made the background of the door hanger transparent and then put the door hanger on top of the picture and resized accordingly.  Make sure to flip the image of the hanger so you don’t end up with two pictures for the same side.

Picture2  Picture3

STEP 4 – Print! When everything is the size you want just print it out! (If possible use a good quality printer – mine is rubbish! And it shows).

STEP 5 – Cut around one side of the hanger (TIP: leaving a gap around the edge will make it easier to cut – and mean you’re only cutting the shape once for this side instead of twice!). Now glued it onto the cardboard (I just used an empty CoCo Pops box).

progress 1

STEP 6 – Cut it out!

STEP 7 – Cut out the other side and glue it on (TIP: if you’re worried about edges not looking very nice you can always paint them, and deliberately leave a border, then it doesn’t matter if the images aren’t cut exactly to size).


STEP 8 – Hang it on the toilet door!


Alternative options

– Print onto photo paper or use scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, paint a design on etc.

– Use a wooden hanger (should be available at craft stores)

– If you’re worried about seeing the outline of the hanger on the picture, then you can always set the pictures to the right size, print them, then print an outline of the hanger separately and trace it on to the back of the pictures.

– Laminate or cover in clear plastic – this will make it last must longer.


~ After I’d made this I told my roommate I had made them a gift – their response “should I be worried?” well… maybe a little. Their response when I showed it “oh lord.. but thank you, I was thinking of buying a door sign” ~


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